January 2019 Income Report

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Another year older!

FunnilyAIP came into the world at the edge of December in the year of 2017.

This blog was conceived in my mind over several years before finally becoming a reality.

Many say that if you keep thinking about something you may never do it, but in my case it was the opposite. The opportunity would arise eventually, It was only a matter of time.

Rock bottom was a good place to start.

That was where I found myself after a miserable first few months of my sought after job, at a renowned facility for the field that I had spent years going to college for.

Before it all hit the fan I thought that my time had finally arrived.

Little did I know that my prestigious position came at a price that was much to high for me and my moral conscience to pay. As the days mounted, so did the frustration from the toxic and dishonest work environment. My heart was utterly empty, and all that remained was the knowing that it was time to go before selling my soul.

The career that had just started to come together, unraveled in a blink of an eye, and everything and everyone in my life turned their back on me.

Life Investment

My only solace was my retirement fund.

It was the lifeboat that held me through until I found myself at another barely over minimum wage job again. The retirement money not only caught me up on my bills, but left me with enough to buy the most important investment for my blog:

Elite Blogging Academy

Though I have yet to complete the course in it’s entirety, it is the thing that keeps pushing me forward, with a burning passion to not let a nearly $1,000 investment go to waste.

Each assignment gives me pause, and helps me to consider how to improve my blog and get it where it needs to be.

Many people look at my blog and think that I am already a professional, but the first thing they are informed of is how this blog is currently not making any money.

Kirsten (that’s me) is not this blogging guru, at least not yet- though willing to share personal experiences, the last thing I would ever wish to do is misrepresent myself.

In the future I would like to help people with starting up their own blogs, perhaps my having a video course and coaching, whichever works best for those who need it.

Income Report

Despite all of my wondrous ambitions for this blog, there is one fact that remains:

January 2019 Income: $0.00

Disappointing to say the least, but it will not always be that way. It is my current plan that by the end of this year my blog will be profitable.

Disappointing to say the least, but it will not always be that way. It is my current plan that by the end of this year my blog will be profitable.

2019 Blog Expenses:
$32.00 per Month – Website Hosting
$12.95 per Month – Image Creation Plan
$5.40 per Month – Business Email Account

Over a year of blogging, these monthly expenses will equate to over $600.00 in order to just keep this website live and relevant.

Does that sound like a lot to you?

It was WAY WORSE before.

My monthly billing in 2017 was shameful, and even worse I was doing way less with the blog then than I am now.

2018 Blog Expenses:
$60.00 per Month – Website Hosting
$12.95 per Month – Image Creation Plan
$9.99 per Month – Image Editing Plan
$5.40 per Month – Business Email Account

Those charges tallies up to over $1,060 per year, which is no small sum.

In time those bills were reduced not only out of budget necessity, but also as a means to focus on what my blog needs for the moment, not what I hope it will need in the future.

Affiliate Marketing

This year also marks the beginning of my affiliation with Amazon, which has helped me to have links on the website that I could potentially earn a percentage of commission from.

Though no one in the month of January had purchased anything through the affiliate links, I still favor having them on my site in order to provide more quality images to each page and/or post.

In the future however, as my higher quality stock image use improves, there will be less reliance on Amazon for pictures, instead the links will be available as necessary for the information provided on each post.

Despite the absence of purchases through my affiliate links, there is a level of pride that these links were clicked on 48 times, which far exceeded my expectations. This news makes me happy because if absolutely no one clicks on your affiliate links then your affiliate account can be shut down.

Monthly Views

The analytics used for this blog is Momently, which provides insight in various ways in order for me to understand what my viewers like the most and how long they are staying.

Negative: January actually had a reduced amount of views compared to December, which is more than likely due to my decline in Pinterest posts, as well as other social media posting across the board.

Positive: January visitors increased by 32% with a difference in seventy-two more visits compared to December.

In December my blog was first introduced to an increased set of hashtags, which more than likely made those followers curious about the new website and interested in learning more.

Now that my presence on those platforms is more established, it will be surprising to have more views unless other social media or markets are being introduced to the brand. There is potential growth through further experimentation with my current accounts, which will be shared in the months to come.

1st Quarter Goals 2019

Blog Improvement Goals:

  • Complete 25 more Blog and Social Media Posts
  • Improve picture and design quality of Recipe Posts
  • Update with higher quality content all Old Posts

Numerical Goals:

  • 500 Subscribers across every platform

Self Improvement Goals:

  • Complete Elite Blogging Academy Course

Thus far I have spent $3,000-$4,000 on this blog and that total will only continue to rise. That amount not only includes prior and current monthly billing, but also food expenses for my recipe creation, as well as the Elite Blogging Academy 3.0 course that was purchased last year.

The medium tier plan for the EBA Course was $897.00 and so far I have been happy with the results. Though the modules have been completed at a glacial pace, I have found them useful and helpful to improving various aspects of my website.

You may think that I spent too much, and sometime that thought crosses my mind as well, but knowing the price tag makes me more motivated not to let such a hefty investment go to waste.

The top tier, which was definitely more costly, did provide access to a Facebook chat group and one on one coaching with Ruth Soukup. That offer was tempting, but it also included registration for a blogging convention that not only was set to happen on a date range where I was unavailable, but was way mote expensive when counting in the cost for accommodations.

The Best Teacher

Many business books will tell you that you need a mentor, especially one within your niche, in order to push competitive growth. Though it would be nice to have a mentor, I personally find it difficult comparing myself to other bloggers, which is something that you are not supposed to do anyway in order to fend off discouragement.

My experience is so different from other people, which is why I chose to blog in the first place.

No one else has made recipes the way that I do with simplicity and ease in mind,

No one else has lost as much weight as I have while doing Autoimmune Protocol.

No one else has suffered from job loss, ostracism, and Hidradenitis Suppurativa while telling it all with little to no reservations.

In the end I would not take back a thing. Every mistaken trust, every love lost, and every blindsided moment has led me to this point.

The point of being fed up.

My sister always told me one thing:

You have to accept what you cannot change and change what you cannot accept.

All the books, videos, and life moments have taught me that even if you want the best for others it will almost always be a lost cause.

People change on their own, mostly through pain, which is especially true in my case.

Through the pain I have learned what to accept:

Life will always suck – That is my conclusion after finishing Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. Life dealt the Baudelaire orphans one bad hand after another, but they were smart and resilient, able to overcome each disappointment with determination for something better.

Though the A Series of Unfortunate Events is an incredibly depressing show, watching it can be somewhat cathartic, reminding you that life could indeed get worse. Funnily enough I found a great deal of similarity in regards to the emotional ordeal, psychological breakthroughs, and endurance through never ending growing pains that the Baudelaire’s faced.

Most important lesson:

Despite the pitfalls in life, you can make the best of it when you use all your resources.

People do what is best for them – But not truly what is best for them. Some people think that outright selfishness is the best way to go, without any regard for others feelings. Those same people fall flat on their face, ending up as alone as the way they once made others feel.

Admittedly it was my determination before blogging to be more selfish, but pure selfishness is just not me. Despite my attempts to put myself first I still continue to do for others, but have learned to take a step back for self-care.

Boundary building, and self-improvement have helped me to recover from repeated emotional trauma that others have wither intentionally or unintentionally inflicted on me.

Second Most Important Lesson:

Those selfish people are the ones that I can live without, but still wishing them nothing but the best, even though they may never have it due to their life choices.

Through the pain I have learned what to change:

Myself – Because I am just as witty and bright as the Baudelaire orphans, and despite life being the absolute worst sometimes, that will not stop me from taking it on.

The power to change my life starts with this blog.

Though the blog is somewhat of a costly hobby right now, I know in my gut that it can grow to be something spectacular.

The world can be such a sad place, but here on this blog, the sadness seems to go away.

There is no hate or negativity here, just passion and creation.

Sometimes I do feel like giving up on the website, because it can be both costly and time consuming, but in the process- it has become my baby.

This blog does not always talk to me, but no matter what happens it is still there, waiting to be held and nurtured.

That is what I find most reassuring.

In time my blog, my income, and my grow will grow with it. Patience and diligence are my allies, pushing me to keep this going even when I have a bad day.

Thank you for being here.

Happy to be here to?
Please tell me by leaving a comment below!

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