How I Lost Over 100 lbs and Still Losing

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I never intended to lose 100 lbs.

Right now you’re thinking –


This is why I do not really have a decent “before” picture, because I just randomly decided one day to just eat healthy, and next thing I knew everyone was telling me how huge my clothes looked on me.

What do I mean by “eat healthy”? Well that is the thing, my journey encompassed far more than just eating healthy, it included eating not just clean- squeaky clean. What is “squeaky clean” supposed to mean? (Ha- that rhymes) It means two words: Autoimmune Protocol.

Autoimmune Protocol is the strictest eating plan out there, even more so if you have a specific autoimmune disorder that you are catering to. My autoimmune disorder is called Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS).

Most people compare it to the bubonic plague since the disorder characterizes itself as presenting boils in the lymphatic areas of the armpit, chest, and groin. I compare the disease to that of Job from the bible because like him I get boils all over my body and there are others who have it even worse. Stage three is considered the most severe and it is what I have. The onset began ever since I was a teenager which makes sense because hormones are considered a factor of the disorder.

Now sit tight because here comes the back story.

Unknown Illness

For HS I have seen half a dozen doctors, none of which had decent bedside manner or a clue. The last physician I met about the disease came the closest by saying I had “a form of folliculitis” and then said “lose weight” gave me an internet printout packet on boils and sent me home. This occurred when I was a morbidly obese teenager and in pain from the inside out. Needless to say my attempts at weight loss were short-lived since I had a habit of eating my feelings, and comfort food was all I consumed.

Out of frustration I took to google where I found little to nothing about my illness, but I knew deep down that I was not alone. Never at that point had I considered my disease comparable to the plague or to Job’s disease, all I wanted was simply the name.

It took many years until the information was finally more common in the search results, finally I found images of people who had scars like mine noting that this was because of Hidradenitis Suppurativa. There were mentions of different methods that all seemed extreme, from chemotherapy to injections to surgery, all of which I had no way of affording. The only thing that seemed doable was the mention of people eating Paleo. At that time I thought Paleo was a fad and knew absolutely nothing about it, but I kept the idea in the back of my mind.

At the same time I was meeting people in real life who had autoimmune disorders of their own such as Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Celiac, etc. From the conversations with them there came a general theme of avoiding certain foods, with a mention of a process of elimination that I had never heard of before: Autoimmune Protocol.

Going AIP 

Now people seem to be using Autoimmune Protocol and Autoimmune Paleo synonymously, which honestly I think is hugely misleading because that led to so many of the false assumptions that I had in the beginning, but that is a soapbox for another post. To summarize, later when I started out I was very confused because I was eating mainly Paleo, not realizing that Autoimmune Protocol can easily be counted as Paleo but NOT the other way around.

Among my other posts I will share my personally customized list that helped me to fully adhere to Autoimmune Protocol in regards to my specific HS symptoms.

Please note that my personal list has even more modifications which will be listed in another post with follow up posts to explain why I had to make those changes.

When people ask me how long it took to lose 100lbs, I can see the eagerness in their eyes flip off like a light switch when I tell them two years, a fact of which I am absolutely not ashamed of because I lost weight in a healthy way. Experts say you should not be losing more than 2lbs a week or 8lbs a month, my average monthly weight loss was between 5 lbs-8 lbs.

The thing is I do believe if I knew what I was doing from the beginning in regards to AIP I probably would have lost it at a rate closer to 8 lbs every month, but that was never the goal. My health and putting my symptoms into remission is the goal, and that is probably why I achieved the most success I ever had when it came to weight loss. A lot of people get immediately intimidated and want a quick fix, which I understand because I have been there, but that desire is simply not the answer.

Despite what most people think, losing weight does not mean you are automatically healthy, if you do it too fast you are doing more harm than good. Plenty of people are proud of their quick fix which either wrecks their body or ends up being gained back just as fast.

Honestly I cannot stand those kinds of people because they are so smug about it and try to make you feel bad about losing the weight slower, which is stupid because losing weight should not be a contest, if you lost weight for you and the levels in your blood are within healthy ranges then you are a winner in my book. The smug quick fixers are actually still the losers because they may have lost weight but they made no effort to gain insight into how they gained it in the first place, a lot of it comes from insecurity and when they brag it only shows that they still have problems that will manifest itself in other ways besides weight.

What It’s All About

All of the above was said because I know that the majority of people checking out my blog and other platforms may not have an autoimmune disorder. Autoimmune disorders are way more common than people think though, and I do believe more people will opt to eat healthy instead of the pricier alternatives that have no guarantees. Eating a healthy lifestyle takes commitment. Falling off the wagon is all too familiar for me but I do my best to stay loyal to living this way because I know what tremendous pain will occur if I deviate.

For certain I do not wish the pain of an Autoimmune Disorder on anyone because it makes you feel helpless, your own body is turning against you, and it is not like you can run away from your own body. I took my power back by putting in the work, as strange as it seems, there is an element freedom in control that you can harness if you stand up and put forth the effort. For me I have found that where there is a will there is always a way.


Do you find my story interesting?

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2 thoughts on “How I Lost Over 100 lbs and Still Losing

  1. Hi Kirsten! Thank you for sharing your story. It is very encouraging to me as I have just started on this journey to healing. I truly get the experimenting thing and trying to find your way through what works and what doesn’t. And the weight loss part is pretty awesome too. I really do get it…I’ve lost 27 lbs in 6 months, but not because I was trying to lose weight. I just want to feel better, like you, and the weight seems to be taking care of itself. I wish you continued health and I look forward to hearing more from you.

    1. Thank you so much Kim! I am happy to hear that you are so diligent on your journey too, keep up the good work! Experimenting can get very frustrating but be sure not to give up, believe me I am still trying to figure things out and have had more than my share of frustration, but it is all worth it in the end. To be honest Kim, your post really lit a fire under me, I am going to be out with plenty more posts this month so please stay tuned!

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