Amazon/Whole Foods AIP Shopping Items (Part 1)

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Looking for a one stop shop?

Well then, you may have found a friend in Amazon.

Autoimmune Protocol just got a whole lot easier. Speaking of whole, the addition of Whole Foods under the wing of Amazon sent the retailers soaring to new heights and expanded offerings when it comes to Paleo.

It is because of Whole Foods and Amazon that my life has gotten significantly easier when maintaining Autoimmune Paleo from day to day. Though there are many other stores around, none are as focused on promoting AIP items in the way that Whole Foods and Amazon do.

Each of these sectors have strengths within certain divisions of either store, while most are widely available on Amazon with a variety of shipping options, there are many that can be found right at Whole Foods which may be at a location near you.

Body Care

The thought of herbal remedies and crystals were far from my mind before doing AIP, but over time I found that there are many options that one could use in order to take care of the body from internal to external with the use of different extracts and earth minerals.

Among those extracts are Essential Oils, which are considered pure essences that come from an original plant product.

My favorite brand to use is Radha Beauty, which states that their oils are therapeutic grade. The oil quality for Radha beauty is debated among various reviews, however my personal experience has been an exceptional one. Whenever using Radha Beauty Essential Oils my body responds well to them, and the fragrance from them is light, which I find more noteworthy because they can be worn around my friends that have the strongest allergies to smells.

If you go on Pinterest, there are abundant combinations of essential oils that can create different moods and benefits. Many achieve the permeable effect through their atmosphere by the use of Diffusers, which spread the scent in a way that is similar to that of a humidifier, misting the extract into the air around you.

Oftentimes when bathing, my go to for a soak in the tub is using a combination of Lavender and Lilac Essential Oil, which smell heavenly. Lavender is often known for promoting relaxation which can lead to a more restful sleep, which in my case is very effective.


Yardley London English Lavender with Essential Oils Soap Bar is my usual go to soap for cleaning, this bar is free of parabens and sulfates. This soap does not dry out my skin, and adds to the lavender aroma from my usual bathing regimen.

When exfoliating, I combing coarse Pink Himalayan Salt with Coconut Oil to get rid of dead skin. There is much debate among dermatologists as to whether salt scrub this is good for your body or not, but after scrubbing, lathering, and soaking- my skin feels brand new.

It is up to you how you would like to maintain your personal level of cleanliness, but as always on AIP be sure to be informed, and read the ingredients of everything that you may use. Many body products like to sneak in citric acid, guar gum, xanthan gum, as well as other chemicals and emulsifiers which can potentially trigger a flareup.

Last but certainly not least if the deodorizing element to my AIP body care routine. Most deodorants, despite being as natural as they come, still include some form of grain or alcohol that could cause a reaction to one with an Autoimmune Disorder.

Crystal lives up to the name, being made up of a mineral that seals your smells for approximately 24 hours in order to keep unpleasant odors at bay. In my personal experience the product does work splendidly, especially on a damp surface.

My usual routine when using Crystal is to: [1] Wash area with soap [2] Lightly dry [3] Rub in Essential Oil with Carrier Oil (Usually Honeysuckle and Coconut Oil) [4] Rub Crystal over the area.

Cleansing my underarms is done every morning, whether a bath was taken before or not, in order to make sure that I always smell fresh. Honeysuckle and other light floral scents like Lilac or Rose are favorable and persistent even as one may sweat throughout the day.

The one adjustment many have with Autoimmune Protocol is that your body scent can no longer be masked by strong perfumes and body sprays. This can be a good thing, if not for yourself then for others. There are many people that suffer from severe migraines when in the presence of someone who uses chemical fragrances, by using natural and lighter scents, one may be able to help make life easier for those migraine sufferers as well.

Dental Care 

My new dentist does not like me.

Going natural is never easy for many medical professionals to understand, especially when it comes to caring for your teeth. Society places and emphasis on whitening and straightening, but none on all of the chemicals and money that is needed in order to do so.

After noticing Xanthan Gum and Guar Gum were used in all of my at home toothpastes, I was determined to find one without them. Although I had charcoal and other natural products at home, and have even attempted oil pulling, none of them compared to the actual brushing of my chompers.

Jāsön Brand Coconut Oil Toothpaste contains no emulsifiers, and whitens the teeth using bamboo and strawberry extracts. Upon spending nearly half an hour at my local Whole Foods one day, probing every toothpaste in the aisle, I found that the Jāsön Brand had the only one item free of chemical gums and ingredients.

While the strawberry extract is questionable for those on a Brewer’s Yeast Free diet, these ingredients are AIP compliant.

As stated previously, my new dentist did not like this change, immediately a fluoride mouthwash was recommended in order to prevent any new cavities from developing.

What the new dentist did not know is that there has been a cavity in the infant stages of my mouth for years now, however that cavity has not worsened all this time, which may be because I no longer eat sweets as much as before.

Currently the sweetest thing that is in my diet now are fruits, which dentists do not strong arm against in response to cavity creation. While I am concerned and desire not to have further cavities, there is a worry in the back of my mind when using fluoride mouthwash containing alcohol and propylene glycol.

One thing that most dentists agree with is flossing. After most meals I floss with dental floss sticks that have fluoride coating, which the dentist strongly recommend to be continued, especially when opting out of using standard mouthwash. 

Although using fluoride coated dental floss sticks is my dentist compliant option, there is a clear AIP option that is gluten free and vegan when it comes to flossing.

Cranberry Floss was another Whole Foods find in that same section where the emulsifier free toothpaste was found, which made me even happier because it was on sale. Because this floss contains cranberries it may not be Brewer’s Yeast Free, so for those who must have that, an alternative should be considered.

As you may already be able to tell, in the near future I will be changing my dentist, to one that is in favor of holistic products and not constantly trying to recommend high priced procedures.

Finding a new dentist is my personal preference, but despite our differences, the advice of the former dental doctor will be followed as best as I can to keep up my dental health.

All of my previous dentists have loved my teeth, this one was just a bit of a bum steer, which came to my attention the moment they started recommending one product after the other amounting to three figures each.

Consult your dentist with the ingredients of these products in order to see what they may recommend. Teeth are essential to the health of the body, and should never be ignored, please do the best you can to take care of those pearly whites while on Autoimmune Protocol.


Now is the time to use to healthy biters to chew on some yummy AIP snacks!

Every now in then I go through every aisle of Whole Foods to see what new products there are to find. Whole Foods is good at promoting their new products by displaying them at the entrance or at the end cap of each aisle, occasionally new products can be found in seperate bins, until they find a spot for them on their shelves.

If you have ever missed those cheesy puff chips that many love growing up? Well meet the Paleo twin!

Paleo Puffs are made with the pure ingredients of cassava, sweet potato, and pink himalayan salt. The Lesser Evil brand of Paleo Puffs comes in an assortment of flavors, however I find that the Himalayan Pink Salt flavor is both AIP as well as Brewer’s Yeast Free.

These Paleo Puffs are pale and not much to look at when you first behold them, but they taste incredible after the first bite. Paleo Puffs are the perfect crunchy and puffy snack, that do everything a normal puff chip does except leave an orange color coat on your fingers.

Artisan Tropic  is a brand of plantain chips was a product that I was waiting forever for to see in my local Whole Foods. I do not know why it did not occur to me to request the item sooner, since Whole Foods does accept product recommendations, but they made their way into the store nevertheless.

In my AIP Plantain Banana Chip Review, the Artisan Tropic brand of plantain chips scored very high, especially in the level of non-greasiness. Their plantains are cooked with a dry process that leads to an airy chip, one that does not leave your fingers an oily mess.

If you check out their YouTube channel, you will see how they are a company that makes a difference, by not only supporting organic farmers but also the single mothers of Colombia. Knowing these facts make the snack even more guilt free! 

Jackson’s Honest Sweet Potato Chips  first appeared on Shark Tank, though I may have missed that episode, the quality and enjoyment of this snack did not escape me. This product is a wonderful chip, that is cooked to just the right amount of crispiness. If you close your eyes it does not vary in taste and texture to that of nearly any other kettle cooked chip, only differing from the sweetness of the sweet potato.

The Jackson’s Honest has prime real estate in the aisle of the Whole Foods Chip section, and comes in a variety of single serving size bags that can be purchased in BULK on Amazon for convenience.

Tigernuts are also called the “Earth Almond” though they are not any sort of nut, but are in fact tubers which are roots. Known for the uniqueness of their flavor and nutrients, tigernuts are not only a versatile flour that can be used for a variety of baked goods, but can also be a fun to eat snack.In the future there will be all sorts of recipes utilizing the wondrous earthliness of the Tigernut, but first and for most, the entire nut can be consumed straight from the bag or box. Though tiger nuts are a bit chewy, the bite is crunchy and the flavor is sweet and smooth. This fun snack and be bought in an individual resealable bag or a restorable box from Amazon.

Starkist Selects E.V.O.O, contains simple ingredients with wild caught fish, providing the choice of either Tuna or Salmon. Many tuna products contain a vegetable broth, which may seem safe at first glance, but hidden within the ingredients is the mention of soy. Because nearly every tuna within a can or pouch contained soy, I previously opted to only purchase fresh Tuna Steaks which had no added ingredients.

After learning that fatty fish such as Tuna were restricted on Brewer’s Yeast Free, the fish is now out of my diet, but Salmon is most welcome. Starkist Selects E.V.O.O has basic ingredients with only Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sea Salt, and Herbs which make this product perfect to suit any Autoimmune Paleo needs.

Each product from among this list is a tasty addition to eating on the go while doing AIP each day, these items are among my favorites, hopefully you will adore them as much as I do!

Concluding Thoughts

This is one of my longest posts to date.

I did not realize how much Amazon and Whole Foods mean to me while on Autoimmune Protocol, that is probably why the words just flowed from me as this post was being written.

There will be more posts like this to come, providing insight on how and why these products are used and fit into my everyday.

It is up to you whether or not these items belong on your AIP journey, my story is not medical advice or a definitive how-to, just a compilation of various opinions and experience while I have been trying to figure this process out.

There may never be a day when I will have it all figured out, but these products fit into my life, they make living AIP easier on me. Finding happiness and contentment in whatever situation one may find themself in is the key to everything, even if that key keeps taking you to another door.

Sometimes it feels like I have been going through an endless a maze of doors, but unlocking each one is always the fun part.

What do you think about these products?

Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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