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AIP/Yeast Free Tigernut Butter

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Do you miss those butters that stick to the roof of your mouth?

Me too.

After being on Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) for several years now there are many distinguishing textures that have been missed from my palate, peanut butter being one of them. Since seeds and nuts are excluded from AIP the absence of them has been hard to miss.

This recipe brings those nostalgic feelings back.

Finally I have created a recipe for Tigernut Butter that is gooey and thick at room temperature in my air conditioned home. This butter melts in your mouth when consumed straight from the fridge, and if left out it will maintain the natural consistency to that of other nut butters.

With only four ingredients, you can create this delightful recipe in a matter of minutes.

It took me quite a while to figure this recipe out, though I had different ideas for ingredients that could make them work, it was simply a matter of time before the right amounts and methods came together. Safe to say there was much elation when I finally got it right!




Bowl (Microwavable)

Mixing Bowl

Measuring Cup

Medium Sieve


Lidded Jar & Funnel (Optional)


2 Cups Tigernut Flour

1 Cup Raw Coconut Butter or Coconut Cream

1 Cup Avocado Oil

1 Tsp Sea Salt



  1. Put Raw Coconut Butter in a Microwave Safe Bowl
  2. Heat Raw Coconut Butter in microwave for 0:30 – 0:45 seconds or until slightly melted
  3. Sift the Tigernut Flour through the sieve into the mixing bowl
  4. Stir the heated Raw Coconut Butter until smooth, then add it into the mixing bowl
  5. Add the Avocado Oil and Sea Salt
  6. Stir until completely mixed
  7. Serve

The Secret Ingredient

Tigernut Butter was created to be versatile. Just about anywhere that you can use a nut butter such as peanut butter, you should be able to use Tigernut Butter as well. Not the emulsifier, xanthan gum filled peanut butter that you would find on many store shelves, but the natural butters that are pure and of the highest quality.

In order to receive that natural and high quality texture, Avocado Oil had to play a part. The fact that Avocado Oil remains liquid at room temperature makes it a vital ingredient to this recipe.

Now if you have read my other posts, it might have been easy to assume that I am not fond of coconut oil. While I do not hate coconut oil by any means, cooking with it is a struggle for me, due to its tendency to solidify at room temperature.

Many people utilize coconut oil in recipes because it is a product that is widely available, with olive oil being a close second. In my book both are frustrating because of their uniqueness. Coconut oil gets too solid and along with olive oil has a distinct flavor. If the flavor of the oils does not go with the overall flavor profile of the meal then you are sunk.

It is safe to say with a great deal of bias that my favorite oil is Avocado Oil.

Why should it not be?

Avocado Oil has a high smoke point that makes it ideal to cook and fry with. Also, Avocado Oil has a light flavor that goes with increasingly more foods compared to the other AIP oils.

If it was not for Avocado Oil, I doubt this recipe would have been made into a reality, because Avocado Oil provides the perfect amount of fat.

No butter is a butter without the fat.

Lightening Strikes

One day I was craving something to dip my apple with but nothing seemed to do. It was out of frustration that this recipe was created. There was a need to replace peanut butter in my life and this recipe accomplished that exceedingly well.

Within my pantry was Coconut butter, which I tried to eat with my apple, but to me it did not taste right to eat it plain. Just then I had a stroke of genius- add Tigernut Flour.

When I added the Tigernut Flour it was gritty, so honey was added, which still did not seem right. It was then that I turned to the oils, while having the top three to pick from, Avocado Oil was chosen.

It was almost perfect.

After throwing in a little pink salt it tasted great. But that was only a sample- literally, because the amount of Raw Coconut Butter I had to work with was the small carry pouch, designed to provide little doses of Raw Coconut Butter while traveling.

My flash of inspiration left a bit to be desired though, as several changes had to be made over time.

Upon later learning that I could not have honey because it was frequently considered not Brewer’s Yeast Free, there was a need to eliminate it from the recipe while still being just as good.

Also the pink salt was not doing the recipe any favors, because most butters are typically consumed with sea salt, so that change was made a well.

Lastly, because I was not prepared to throw this together on the first attempt, it came out clumpy. Then I realized that by sifting if through a sieve, the butter would come out smoother.

After further experimentation at bigger batches, the recipe finally came out as hoped.

It was time for the final test.

Flying Colors

Once a full jar of Tigernut Butter was completed, it was left alone for several hours at room temperature to see if it would solidify.

It did not.

After putting the jar in the refrigerator, it took another two hours before getting completely solid.

In the solid shape the Tigernut butter was still spreadable, in a way that was much easier than chiseling out refrigerated Raw Coconut Butter.

Banana was used for the taste test, with the Tigernut Butter spreading over the slice, then eaten.

It was just like a regular butter!

Seriously, the way it could be spread and the way it melted in your mouth was just like butter.

When consuming it later that day, I scooped out a dollop of the Tigernut butter and set it aside with the remaining banana for dessert. By the time dinner was finished, the surrounding edges had slowly melted, with a solid center in the midst of its’ creamy mound.

Not only can Tigernut Butter be used for dipping fruit, it can be used for AIP sandwiches as well as international cuisines, which I have a few recipes in mind to use it for.

To date this is one of the easiest recipes on my blog, I am sure you will love it as much as I do!



Have you tried AIP/Yeast Free Tigernut Butter yet?

Please tell me about it by leaving a comment below!


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