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AIP/Yeast Free Chicken Salad

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Looking for an ultimately easy recipe?

Well look no further than this.

If you have leftover chicken and my bulk Avocado Puree on hand, the only real work you have to do is chop up some celery, apple, and cucumber to toss together. I pride myself on easy go-to recipes, and this is definitely one of them.


Cutting Knife



Cutting Board

Medium Bowl

Mandolin Slicer (Optional)



Avocado Puree (Bulk Size)

2 Chicken Breast

1 Cup Pink Lady Apple

1 Cup Celery

1 Cup English Cucumber

Pink Himalayan Salt


  1. Empty half of the Bulk Size Avocado Puree into the medium bowl
  2. Shred chicken over cutting board to desired pieces (Two chicken breasts should yield about 2 Cups)
  3. Add shredded chicken to the bowl
  4. Cut the Apple, Celery, and Cucumber into desired level of thickness
  5. Empty remaining half of Bulk Size Avocado Puree in bowl
  6. Add Apple and Celery to the bowl and mix with spoon
  7. Add Pink Himalayan Salt to taste
  8. Add cut cucumber on the side, serve

Avocado and chicken are a match made in heaven to me.

Surprisingly I actually had never had an avocado until high school. For the longest time I never even understood what guacamole was. Growing up, my family considered avocados as a luxury, something we could not afford to even try.

As I got older and made money of my own, I finally tried guacamole and loved it. Once I became more serious about autoimmune protocol avocados became my go to ingredient for that rich creamy craving.

For the longest time I shunned chicken, largely under the belief that since they consumed grain and soy I therefore could not eat them. In a way I still sort of believe that, but let’s be honest- I caved.

This was pretty much out of necessity because I am concerned about calories. It is incredibly hard to maintain your caloric intake over 1,000 while on autoimmune protocol because everything you are eating is essentially low-calorie and the fat is usually the healthy kind.

Crazy- I know.

But seriously I can eat an entire pack of grass fed beef in one sitting and still somehow manage to lose weight.

Honestly I can easily consume an entire chicken in a day as well, but since that is all I usually eat for the day I do not feel as guilty about that.

Many local stores around me provide perfectly succulent rotisserie chickens that are only seasoned with sea salt. These stores include most notably Kroger and Whole Foods. Usually I can grab a rotisserie chicken for $10 and on occasion $6 when on sale.

The only thing that haunted me was the chicken breast.

The Kroger closest to me has gotten better at cooking rotisserie chicken to the perfect amount of juiciness. However, there are times when that chicken is a tad too dry for my taste.

Rather than waste my money on uneaten dried chicken, I got creative, and this recipe was born.

My Avocado Puree recipe was already in play for most of my AIP meals, being used mostly as a dipping sauce or spread for my burgers, but I thought, why not use it as a base for a salad?

I wanted to create a meal that traveled well and was enjoyable for both lunch and dinner. This recipe hit every mark when it was put to the test on my hiking trip. For lunch I packed a big bowl of this and shared it with my friend who absolutely loved it.

There were passerby that stared at us eating it and asked:

“What is that?”

“Avocado Chicken Salad”, I said.

“Can I have some?”

That was a moment that caught me off guard since I thought a green salad would not appeal to most people, after all any green food naturally reminds you of “Green Eggs and Ham”, which is whatever pops into my head just to thinking about this recipe. For whatever reason this attracted more people than I thought, which was a pleasant surprise.

This is the kind of recipe that is very functional to suit your needs. My favorite kind of apple is a Pink Lady apple, however if yours is different feel free to substitute it.

Another option is that you can throw in onions if you feel like it, I personally love this with onions on days when I know I will not be speaking to people.

For those that are further along in autoimmune protocol and able to introduce boiled eggs and black pepper, that can jazz up this recipe to make it even more enjoyable. Both of those ingredients are allowed on a Brewer’s Yeast Free diet so feel free to try those in whatever amount suits your taste.


Have you tried this recipe yet?

Did you go by the book or change it up?

Let me know by leaving a comment below!



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