AIP/Yeast Free Wasabi Paste (Paleo & Whole30)

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Ever wonder what 100% Wasabi tastes like?

Me too.

Apparently the taste of an actual Wasabi root is unknown by the masses since it is grown high up in the mountains of far flung countries. What many of us have actually had was horseradish powder mixed with various gums that are passed off as Wasabi Paste.

This Wasabi paste is based off of the knock-off wasabi that the population is largely familiar with. Though there is a distinct difference that one can easily see once they try this recipe for themself.

AIP Wasabi paste is 100% Paleo, utilizing fresh and whole food ingredients. Each dose of this creamy sauce will heat your tongue and add that special tangy twist that meets expectations!


Mortar & Pestle

Fine Grater


Chef Knife


Cutting Board


½ Avocado

1 tbsp. Arrowroot Powder

2 tbsp. Fresh Finely Grated Horseradish Root

1 Lemon

  1. Cut and Scoop out Avocado into the Mortar
  2. Use the Mortar and Pestle to crush the Avocado into a paste
  3. Add Arrowroot Powder and Horseradish Root to the mix
  4. Juice the Lemon (Should yield about 1/4 cup of lemon juice)
  5. Add Lemon Juice to the Mortar,
  6. Slowly Crush and Mix until all ingredients are thoroughly combined (Texture should be smooth but gritty)
  7. Serve

Paste Worthy 

While on Autoimmune Protocol I began to miss sushi.

After learning that I could no longer have grains, substituting the ingredient became much easier than expected, and consequently things went quite splendidly without them. Fruits and vegetables replaced all grains for every meal. This is what inspired the creation of the AIP Sashimi Plate, which pairs with this recipe the best.

Remember: “Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

Though I was happy to have my raw fish and vegetables- there was something missing.

In truth there was missing the delectable tanginess of soy sauce, wasabi, and ginger. Each of which I could not have either due to the fermentation or the processed ingredients.

Out of the most common side ingredients to have with sushi or sashimi, Wasabi came the closest to being naturally paleo, primarily due to the horseradish element. There are very few ingredients that I can have now to fit the tangy bill which led to this recipe being created out of necessity.

Fresh Horseradish has a profound taste that provides enough of a hot flavor needed to imitate the Japanese Wasabi Root.

It was always my initial thought to use fresh Horseradish instead of the powder, in order to maintain that high quality of flavor and heat. Grated horseradish was selected in order to create a chunkiness that will add a bite to the sauce.

As you bite into the horseradish, the juices combine to melt away the arrowroot starch on your tongue.

A lot of people on Autoimmune Protocol promote pre-made Wasabi Powder- but I found that the online reviews for such items were not favorable. Many advertise as being 100% Wasabi, however they are the leaves of the root, which denote little wasabi flavor at all, which is possibly why the item in question is usually not well received.

Green With Envy

Typical American Wasabi Paste in general is pretty much Horseradish paired with who knows what and green food coloring.

AIP Wasabi Paste lends its’ coloring to the Avocado, which also contributes to the overall creaminess of the dish. Though there is a slight aftertaste from the Avocado, this recipe tastes mostly the same compared to that of your average Wasabi Paste, but is significantly creamier and definitely fresher in taste.

My mortar and pestle are dark green, it was a random purchase made at my local Ross store, a decision which left me baffled. Even though I admired the texture that the mortar and pestle created, it was not until this recipe came into my mind that it occured to me just how to use it.

Prior to having a mortar and pestle of my own, an acquaintance of mine used a mortar and pestle to make guacamole once. It was then that I knew at the back of my mind what texture it would work well as in the future. Honestly, I was not crazy about the texture a mortar and pestle created for guacamole, but I knew if it was paired with something grittier it would be a perfect Wasabi paste.

That grittness turned out to be the fabulous Arrowroot!

Arrowroot is often used as a binder in baking or in AIP cheese recipes, because neither of those recipes are often made in my the kitchen, my poor Arrowroot Powder was collecting dust.

Since Arrowroot Powder has no distinct flavor, it turned out to blend well with all the other flavors in my recipe, adding only the necessary texture that it was being utilized for.

Concluding Thoughts 

AIP Wasabi paste was among one of the first recipes that I created in the beginning of my Autoimmune Protocol journey.

So much has changed.

Now I know that there is more that can be included in my diet compared to then.

Later learning that for my specific autoimmune disorder, Hidradenitis Suppurativa, being mainly sensitive to Brewer’s Yeast.

Brewer’s Yeast is not in ingredients such as brown rice. legumes, and beans.

The downside is that everything else commonly found in Asian Cuisine, such as fermented products, are still completely out of my current diet.

That is okay though, it is better to add more things back in than to take even more out. Each of us are learning about our own disorder and some have more leeway than others.

Even though there are more items that may be allowed for my personal eating, I will still continue to create recipes that can be had by all.

This AIP Wasabi Paste alone can open the doors to numerous dishes that can help change up any mundane routine when it comes to eating.

Just because Autoimmune Protocol is simple it does not mean that it is limited.

Basics are the building blocks of the road leading you on your journey. As much as you may want to, one cannot remain just on those blocks forever. There are still many mountains to climb.

Stay with me as you conquer each hurdle, one day you may be able to surprise me like this Wasabi Paste.


Have you tried this recipe yet?

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below!



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