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AIP Wasabi Basil Zucchini Noodles

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Before I went on AIP I was in love with sundried tomato pesto. The bitterness and brightness of a dish is often my favorite part. When I found out I that even tomato-free sauce was out  for me because it called for vinegar like so many other tomato based dishes, I felt despondent for a second.

I quickly got over it once I tasted my AIP Wasabi, how perfectly zingy it was! This would go with my sashimi plate yes, but there was so much left over that I knew I had to pair it with something.

In comes my mothers’ impulse to buy any produce she sees on sale, this time it was zucchini noodles. Knowing they would go to waste since she just batch cooked her soup, she said I could have it.

Viola! I found just the right partner for my Wasabi. All that was needed was the addition of Italian flair to go with the meatballs that I just made. Together they will sing!

And sing they did.


Medium Pan or Microwave



2 Cups Spiraled Zucchini

1/2 tsp. Organic Olive Oil

1/4 Cup AIP Wasabi Paste

1/2 tbsp. Chopped Basil



  1. Heat the Zucchini and Basil (In the microwave or in pan with medium heat) for 1-2 minutes
  2. Drain water from cooked Zucchini in strainer
  3. Place Zucchini and Basil in bowl
  4. Drizzle Olive Oil over the bowl and toss
  5. Add AIP Wasabi, toss, and Serve





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