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When it comes to autoimmune protocol items, my prior experience has found Walmart to be hit or miss.

Recently I recovered from heartbreak when Walmart stopped carrying their range of unsweetened coconut products. This is probably due to not many people purchasing them, which is a shame, but there is a possibility that they shopping center will have unsweetened coconut products in stock again.

Despite numerous disappointments, I have not fully given up on Walmart, there is hope for them yet as this list gives proof. Walmart has shown promise and desire for transforming more to modern shopping trends which fortunately includes healthy products.

Every time that I go to Walmart I find that their health food section in the baking area is growing, including their line or organic products. Hopefully as the AIP and other clean eating trends grow more products will be regularly available on the shelves.

Here is a list of my go to items that I always stock up on every time I shop at Walmart:

1) Oils

Walmart is the only place I can find an impressive variety of Avocado Oil. Among that selection my my favorites are the brands Chosen Foods and Tropical Plantation.

Tropical plantation carries the largest amount of Avocado Oil being 1.5 L or 51 fl oz. With having this much avocado oil in bulk at home, I am able to fry fish and sweet potatoes whenever I feel like it, leaving me with enough oil for future dishes.

Want to know a secret to crispy fries?


That is what I learned in the restaurant industry. Whenever someone requested crispy fries they were told to pull them out in the midst of frying in order to expose it to air before frying it some more. This is how I finally achieved crispy sweet potato fries which was impossible before, because I am going to be honest with you, I could not fry anything crispy to save my life.

For the most part I do not fry my food often despite Avocado Oil being considered healthy. My fried food on autoimmune protocol are things such as homemade plantain chips or sweet potato fries, but I limit my portions because eating too much of either will give me a slight feeling of heartburn afterward.

Typically I use Avocado Oil for my Creamy Avocado Puree, which makes the dip smooth and flavor cohesive to the avocado in the body of the recipe.

Chosen Foods is the only brand I have seen so far that offers 100% pure Avocado Oil in a spray canister. This is my non-stick cooking spray option primarily for fish dishes.

Most sprayable cooking oils contain soy which is not allowed under autoimmune protocol. Even Olive Oil spray cans are guilty of containing soy. As the clean eating trends become more prominent hopefully there will be more of a non-soy based selection available, but until then you can purchase the Chosen Food brand of avocado oil spray if needed.

2) Organic Ground Spices and Herb

Walmart is the only place I can find organic ground turmeric for a decent price, when it is available of course. In my local store the organic seasonings are mostly hit or miss, which means I stock up heavily when I see my favorites on the shelf.

The Great Value Organic brand favorites on my list include their onion powder, bay leaf, turmeric, cinnamon, and ginger powder.

Surprisingly in the same aisle there are Lite House brand freeze dried herbs, most notably their freeze dried Oregano which I typically have a hard time finding anywhere else. Lately they have been slack in carrying that item as well, but I have requested other local stores to carry it which is promising.

As for fresh herbs, Walmart carries a variety of them in the openly-refrigerated  section of the produce area. I believe some within that fresh selection are organic, but this may vary depending on where you live.

The array of organic options is growing steadily at Walmart, clearly trying to keep up with the competition. Prices are in line with Walmart’s brand recognition as they are usually low and oftentimes cheaper, if this is the only store in your area then consider yourself fortunate, because you will have a lot to choose from for your Autoimmune Protocol seasoning needs.


3) Organic Grass Fed Beef

The Market Side brand at Walmart carries an assorted variety of grass fed beef from sirloin to chuck roast.

Typically I find their prices sightly higher than that of other stores, but if you only have a Walmart in your area at least you are not limited to eating your grass fed beef in limited ways.

If you are tired of ground meat, this is where one would go to change it up. These meats do not typically go on sale as they would if they were in other stores, but the varying weights can provide a small change within a small budget if you were to feel so inclined.

On the occasions when you want to get very fancy and have the budget to spare, Walmart offers Grass Fed Filet Minion and steaks within this section as well.

The chuck roast is among my favorites to purchase from Walmart because it is ideal for a slow cooker and perfect for the colder weather.

Walmart is the only other store that I know of that has grass fed chuck roast consistently in their refrigerated meat areas. Other stores often vary in carrying chuck roast, but not Walmart, this is ideal for the winter months when utilizing this cut of meat for crockpot meals.


4) Organic & Paleo Flours

It is impressive that Walmart is increasing the selection of whole foods lately and I do hope this is a lasting trend.

Recently I was able to purchase green banana flour. Unfortunately I have not had much success in creating anything with it, but at least that is an option.

For those that are able to have ingredient that are good for binding such as eggs, and you have successfully introduced them during your autoimmune protocol, trying Paleo flours can give you more variety as far as cooking and baking goes.

There are also coconut flours and tapioca starch brands available at Walmart too, which I find quite impressive.

5) Seafood

At Walmart, there is a decent frozen and fresh seafood selection offered, but beware, although it is imported from tropical countries and local states a lot of the fish and crustacean are farm raised.

Farm raised fish and crustacean are often fed grain and soy based products, which are prohibited on autoimmune protocol. Many people are unaware of this but it is important to know exactly what your food has consumed because what they ate becomes apart of your bloodstream too.

This is a strong reminder to read every label there is on a box.

As with other brands at other stores, many seafood products include preservatives so beware of that as well. Sodium Benzoate, Sodium phosphate, Liquid Smoke and other additives are common in frozen fish and crustacean.

Nearly every preservative can potentially have an adverse affect on your health. The best form of defense to keep this from happening is to be diligent about checking the ingredient list on the back of each product you purchase.

If the ingredients list anything else besides the product and salt, do your research on whether it is AIP. That is the great thing about technology, any questionable ingredient is worthy of an internet search.

6) Drinks 

Within the bottled drink aisles of Walmart there is a two decent areas on the shelf that are especially worthy to mention, that belonging to the organic juices and alkaline water.

Alkaline water is now being offered at every store and is a good basic ph water to consume that is in line with Autoimmune Protocol and Paleo.


The main culprit being the electrolytes.

If you are fine with drinking your standard tap water then that is basic, however if you are in the habit of purchasing bottled water by the gallon, it may be best to read the ingredients. Oftentimes there are derivatives of sodium that are in your typical gallon water and individually bottled water that may cause a reaction with your Autoimmune Disorder as it does with mine.

Alkaline Water avoids potentially dangerous electrolytes, by often being sourced from ingredients that are Autoimmune Protocol such as Sea or Pink Himalayan Salt. With AIP compliant ingredients and a basic ph, going with Alkaline water may further suit your Autoimmune Protocol dietary regimen.

Organic juices are largely offered under the R. W. Knudsen brand which provides juices without any additional preservatives.

The prices of the R.W. Knudsen juices were lower than that found at most supermarkets, making it a good value buy if there is a Walmart close by you in order to save without paying for shipping by using little gas on travel to the location.

Concluding Thoughts

On Autoimmune Protocol, it will be an adjustment to prepare food all the time, but it is one that is well worth it. Unfortunately restaurants are not as clear as they should be, leaving one very few options when it comes to eating their meals.

Grocery shopping is the only option.

There are many stores to choose from but one cannot be blind to the supermarket that is the most available nationwide.

Walmart is everywhere.

Though there is staunch competition that is ever growing in the grocery store market, you cannot argue with the results. The growing clean eating movement is pushing even the larger retailers into offering more options to better serve their customers.

Many try to count Walmart out but not me, the store is a viable contender that is getting their bearings. It is time for all food retailers to follow suit within the  Autoimmune Protocol and Paleo, because no one is going to buy more than someone who cooks at home.



Have you shopped AIP at Walmart?

Please share them with me by leaving me a comment below!

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