AIP Virgin Pĩna Colada (Paleo)

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When I first tried a virgin Pina Colada I was over the moon, as a child my family seldom ever had pineapple or coconut for whatever reason. Actually it is a good thing that coconut was absent in my life growing up because even though coconut is in nearly every dish now the flavor of it does not bother or make me as tired of it as others that eat it all the time.

Growing up it was a rarity to have one because they were rarely offered at restaurants and were pricey when it was available. The younger me promised myself that I would have them more often as an adult. Finding out that store bought coconut milk was no-no for autoimmune protocol made me sad but there is always a way to have Pĩna Coladas in my life.

Single Serve Blender

1 ½ Cup Pineapple
2 tbsp Unsweetened Coconut Crème
1 Cup Ice

  1. Blend Pineapple and Coconut Crème together
  2. Add Ice, Blend, and Serve

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