AIP Ultimate Paleo Poke Bowl

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Ever had Hawaiian food?

Well, if you have ever had a Poké bowl, then you can readily say “yes”.

The Hawaiian inspired dish is fresh and Poke/Poké restaurants have become a noticeable trend for eating out. Poke places happen to be one of the few restaurants where one may be capable of eating Autoimmune Paleo, with the only downside being the massive price tag.

It is very easy to recreate your own Poke Bowl at home, which is both extremely cost effective and can be way more filling.

This AIP Ultimate Paleo Poke Bowl is diverse with an assortment of sweet, savory, and crunchy features to be sure to satisfy any hunger pangs. Topped with my flavorful Autoimmune Paleo Creamy Mango Dressing, this bowl will have your taste buds in a tropical paradise.

Remember: Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.



Cutting Board


Large Bowl

Serving Spoon


12 oz Salad Shrimp (Thawed Overnight or Cooked)

12 oz Cauliflower Sweet Potato Rice

3 Cups Kohlrabi Noodles

1 Cup Shredded Kale

1/2 Cup Shredded Carrots

1 Large Avocado

AIP Creamy Mango Dressing


  1. Thaw or Prepare Salad Shrimp according to instructions noted on the back of the bag
  2. Heat Cauliflower Sweet Potato Rice in Microwave according to instructions noted on the back of the bag (approximately 5-8 minutes)
  3. As the ingredients are being heated in the microwave, prepare dressing of choice, if it is not already available
  4. Empty the cooked contents of the Cauliflower Sweet Potato Rice bag into a large bowl
  5. Heat Kohlrabi Noodles. Shredded Kale, and Carrots in microwave for approximately 3-6 minutes
  6. Cut Avocado into desired size pieces
  7. Combine all heated and thawed ingredients in the large bowl
  8. Top with your choice of dressing or additional desired toppings
  9. Serve

Hawaiian Fulfillment 

My local Poke establishments are great, but I cry a little inside whenever they ring me up.

For a basic lettuce filled bowl with Wild Caught Tuna and Avocado- for which there is an extra surcharge, the concept of affordability is non-existent.

In the past I tried adding other toppings but found that they had extra flavor enhancing ingredients thrown in that were not AIP, leaving me with very few options to choose from. The worst part is that even when it is risked to eat regular rice with my bowl I still will feel hungry after.

Though for Brewer’s Yeast, brown rice is allowed- which is not Autoimmune Protocol but is allowed for those with Hidradenitis Suppurativa such as myself. Personally I prefer my brown rice to be cooked in broth which is not done at most restaurants, even if it was it is unlikely said broth would be AIP. and therefore that is not an acceptable option.

There was a need for Hawaiian food to be filled in my life. Though purchasing a bowl from a store is an option, it is a more desirable option to have a bowl that is in my price range.

The need, though recognized by myself, was not an urgent one. In my past I have dealt with cauliflower rice before but was not fond of the rice by itself being the heart of a favorable dish.

It was not until a random discovery at my local Walmart had been made that I had found the inspiration to culminate in the creation of this recipe.

Perfect Elements

That item turned out to be the Green Giant Riced Veggies Brand, wherein they had one option that struck me by surprise- sweet potato rice.

Sweet Potato Rice mixed with Cauliflower Rice was a surprising revelation. The way it was formed in the bag was like a smaller grain, almost similar in size to that of quinoa or couscous. It was no ordinary product, and therefore required an extraordinary use.

Walmart seems to be the only store carrying the specific combination of Cauliflower/Sweet Potato Rice for now, but since Green Giant is a larger brand it is only a matter of time before it shows up in more stores.

Another special find was a kit offered almost exclusively by Kroger, named “Nourish Bowls” by a brand called Manns.

Prior to this I had never heard of Kohlrabi noodles, which is in the cabbage family, but once I tasted them it was certainly a pleasant surprise.

Kohlrabi is like the dense end of a cabbage, while being refreshing like biting into cucumber. Many of the “Nourish Bowls” offered by the Manns brand feature these Kohlrabi noodles, which is helpful since Kohlrabi root is hard to find on its own in most stores.

Since the availability of the kit is not necessarily commonplace, I measured out the approximate amount each individual ingredient would have if prepared from scratch.

If one is able to purchase the “Nourish Bowl” kit by Manns from a store then it will make the process easier as it is all there and reduces your prep time significantly. If however one has no choice but to prep for themselves, the only noticeable difference may be the carrots, as Manns shredded carrots are extremely fine compared to standard shredded carrots that one may purchase separately.

The kit came with additional sauces and toppings that are not Autoimmune Protocol, though in this case the toasted coconut could have been potentially used. However I did not prefer the toasted coconut to top this dish, as it already has the added crunchy sweetness from the sweet potato, having both toasted coconut and sweet potato was too overwhelming for me.

As stated previously I prefer a perfect balance of sweet and savory.

The sweetness comes from the basic riced veggies, with the fat from the avocados, and salt from the shrimp. Topping it off with the Autoimmune Paleo Creamy Mango Dressing adds a tanginess that ties every element together. After all those elements combine, the need for further toppings is moot in my book.

Concluding Thoughts 

This is one of those fast and easy meals that I like to throw together on a day whenever the thought inclines me.

Since I often have shrimp ready to go in my fridge, the only work I have to do would be to use the microwave and cutting board.

If there is not a Kroger or Walmart in your area, there are other options that your local stores may offer in order for you to create this dish. As the Paleo movement continues to grow so will the availability of these such items to make prep easier for the average person.

My post is not sponsored by Walmart or Kroger, these are products that I use in my everyday life to may Autoimmune Protocol easier. Each of these items are fresh, paleo, and can be consumed for several meals.

Eating clean is not as difficult as some would like you to believe. Stores and their prospective brands are getting modern in their product selection in order to get with the times. Do not miss the opportunity to eat Autoimmune Paleo once you have learned about recipes as easy as this.


Have you tried this recipe yet?

Let me know by leaving a comment below!



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