AIP Grass Fed Bison Potato Bake

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Bison anyone?

If you are anything like me, you were amazed to find out that Bison was an option on Autoimmune Protocol.

Grass Fed Beef is very flavorful but the taste gets boring after some time. Bison has a meaty but light taste to it that is not as strong as Grass Fed Beef.

This dish was formed out of sheer whim, from my over purchasing sweet potatoes from a local produce stand.

Another example of how I literally just throw things together and they somehow work! This hearty meal can be shared for a family on a cold winter day.


Large Glass Pan (preferably 8×10 size)


Aluminum Foil



5 Tbsp Palm Shortening

1 Cup Yellow Onions (Chopped)

6 Cups Sweet Potato (Chopped)

4 tbsp Oregano

3 tbsp Garlic Powder

4 tsp Pink Himalayan Salt

10 oz Grass Fed Bison Chuck Roast



  1. Preheat the oven to 350 F
  2. Place Chopped Sweet Potato and Chopped Onion in the pan.
  3. Sprinkle 1 tbsp of the garlic powder and 2 tsp Pink Himalayan Salt over the chopped ingredients
  4. Divide and place 4 tbsp of the palm shortening over the chopped ingredients
  5. Sprinkle 2 tbsp Oregano over the chopped ingredients
  6. Coat the Grass Fed Bison Chuck Roast with the remaining 2 tsp Pink Himalayan Salt, 2 tbsp Garlic Powder, and 2 tbsp Oregano
  7. Place the seasoned Chuck Roast over the chopped ingredients
  8. Divide and place the remaining 1 tbsp Palm Shortening over the Grass Fed Bison Chuck Roast
  9. Cut slits or poke holes in a sheet of Aluminum Foil and the cover the pan.
  10. Place pan in the oven and bake for 35 minutes at 350 F
  11. Increase heat to 400 F and cook for 30 minutes, carve roast and serve

Meat & Potatoes

When stating that I over purchased sweet potatoes, no truer words have ever been spoken, the large amount being over 5 lbs worth. Although the price was an incredible bargain, my wits were overwhelming me and persisting with the idea of letting none go to waste.

Most people are meat and potatoes kind eaters. As for myself- the jury is still out, though this dish has me leaning that way.

At the time the Bison was available at my local store, for which has recently changed their packaging from “Grass Fed” to “Natural”, the idea of which makes me shift in my seat.

It is with the sincerest hopes that I wish the packaging when I purchased this Bison was in fact true but it is on questionable grounds, as this is not the first encounter I have had where the store advertised an item as one thing and later claimed it was another. Doubtfully this was not the first instance with which this has occurred and more than likely it will not be the last.

In case you are unaware “Natural” usually means that the food for the meat in question is compensated by foods other than grass, such as corn or soy meal. If you are highly sensitive to foods that are consumed by the product you are eating then it is probably for the best for you to pass on buying such an item.

Mispackaging ideas aside, one must figure out for themselves whether or not it is a risk to take.

For this instance for myself I believe it was okay, though my weariness level is high when it comes to matters such as these, which leave one questioning whether to trust packaging at all. Still though it is necessary because it can be a helpful guide and quite helpful on Autoimmune Protocol.

While personally I know that I cannot handle farmed fish and seafood, the jury is still out in regards to meats. There still needs to be more isolation done on my end through the process of elimination to be sure, however such a study is time consuming since I often eat meats to increase my daily caloric intake each day. For me to narrow that down for further assessment would take a lot of prior planning.

Until then I enjoy what I can, but if there is a distinct flare up resulting from it, there will be no hesitation in giving the item up.

This recipe was worth trying for myself, and I was pleased with the results.

It was quite surprising even to me how much I liked this dish. Consuming it took several days but it was perfectly welcome as the rain poured down outside of my window.

Superstar Flavors

Palm Shortening was a genius move on my part, giving the bake a similarly buttery flavor for every single bite.Astoundingly, Palm Shortening is extracted from pure coconut with no added ingredients. If you have never heard of it before then find yourself happy today, because it pairs well with dense carbs such as sweet potatoes.

Found in increasingly in various stores, Palm Shortening is worth a try for Autoimmune Protocol baking. Not just sweet dessert baking, but savory main dish bakes as well.

Previously there was a recent wave of autoimmune protocol italian style dishes in my wake, leading to the hefty use of spices such as Oregano, which paired well with the sweet onion and Palm Shortening, to make the dish reminiscent of  the European countryside.


Overall this dish will definitely see the light of day in my kitchen once again. The next time that a farmers stand is visited, the overbuying of sweet potatoes will be done intentionally.

This dish will do well for entertaining when there are those present that are not sensitive to coconut. If there are, I do believe Olive Oil would be a favorable substitute, adding to a more Italian flavor profile as well. Though if that were to be the case, I would also swap the sweet potatoes out for the Japanese white sweet potatoes instead to make the dish less sweet.

Since the original recipe here has Palm Shortening though, it enhances the sweetness of the potatoe which I rather like. Oftentimes there is a preference when I make a dish for there to be one main flavor that pairs well with the others in the dish.

Though I say the star of the dish is the Bison, it is really the sweet potato. The sweet potato ties the entire dish together, and fills you up when you choose not to eat as much of the meat.

While it does take an hour to make this dish is totally worth it. That hour creates a perfect sear on the Bison, and the fat from the meat permeates the potatoes and onion with the melting coconut and onion juices. This dish will not disappoint, it may even have you licking the bowl!


Have you tried this dish yet?

Please tell me by leaving a comment below!


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