AIP Cilantro Cauliflower Rice

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I was pleasantly surprised when I first tried Cauliflower Rice because it was very close to the texture of actual rice. The texture with leafy Cilantro is very good combination. I really enjoy this side and love pairing it with my fish dishes.

Cilantro has quickly become one of my favorite herbs for Autoimmune Protocol. Whenever I eat out despite the high charge I do try to add it to my dish for an added flavor element. Growing up I never really had anything with Cilantro and I am glad to be enjoying it now. There are so many things you can do with Cilantro and I look forward to brainstorming the possibilities and incorporating it into more dishes in the future.

Medium Pan with Lid

4 cups Cauliflower Rice
2 tbsp. Fresh or Freeze-dried Cilantro
2 tbsp. Organic Olive Oil
1 tsp Himalayan Pink Salt

1) Pour 1 tbsp. Organic Olive Oil in the pan, set to medium heat.
2) Place Cauliflower Rice in the pan.
3) Pour 1 tbsp. Organic Olive Oil in the pan and add Cilantro
4) Cover and cook for 4-5 minutes.
5) Add Himalayan Pink Salt, stir and cover, cook for 4-5 minutes. Serve.


Cauliflower rice adds to the bulk of the meal to make any meal even more filling. Though the recipe is simple, it is certainly versatile to go with any meat or fish entree.

My first encounter with Cauliflower Rice was at Trader Joes, where they had decent sized bags filled with them. Later I learned that Cauliflower rice could be made at home, but using the attachments with food processors can be a pain to clean.

More often there is Cauliflower rice that can be found on the shelves of your local supermarket. Not just Cauliflower is being riced now, there is also Sweet Potato, Butternut, Broccoli “Rice” and more. However none can fully compare to Cauliflower though. Perhaps it is the coloring that is so very reminiscent of rice, and the flakiness that edges each fragment of floret.

As stated previously, I have found Cauliflower Rice at Trader Joes, as well as Whole Foods, Kroger, Walmart, Fresh Market, and other local markets. Many have the riced Cauliflower available as fresh, however there is an increasing availability of the product in the frozen section.

In my experience both the fresh and frozen Cauliflower Rice are enjoyable even though they may vary in slight differences of texture. The lightness of this Autoimmune Protocol compliant rice never compromises through whatever branding differences may be present.

Personally this side is often enjoyed bes with my AIP Flounder With Lemon Broth as depicted:

Seasoning Spotlight

The seasonings are essential as well and should not be overlooked.

While Cauliflower retains its’ own internal water that escapes when cooking to soften the pieces, the Olive Oil absorbs that hydration to add the light taste to the dish.

Olive Oil is used often for my dishes that do not require an extensive amount of heat. As this side is a light dish which can be enjoyed both hot and cooled, the olive oil flavor does not diminish the overall taste despite the increase or decrease of temperature.

Pink Himalayan Salt was chosen based on its’ essential flavor contribution as well. In case you did not know, due to the fineness of the salt granules from Pink Himalayan Salt, it covers well over whatever food it is seasoning. The greater the coverage, the added saltiness to the dish.

Though it was not my goal to make this dish salty, the added note of it being put in “to taste” instructed for the recipe of this dish should not compromise that intention.

Even if someone were to heavily douse the rice with Pink Himalayan Salt, which I do not in any way recommend, the other elements of Olive Oil as well as the Cilantro should offset the excessive sodium unless they are truly overwhelmed.

My favorite element is the Cilantro, a wonder herb that I personally find is best preserved through the freeze drying process. When a freeze dried herb is cooked, the moisture revives the leaves in an efficient way without misshaping.

Oftentimes dried herbs are tough to eat, especially in my case due to sensitive teeth, however that is not the case with the freeze dried herbs. The shelf life of freeze dried herbs are comparable to the traditionally dried ones, however one is sure to utilize this herb more frequently as it it the next best thing to fresh.

Not to completely knock traditionally dried ingredients, but if one must opt for a dried herb or seasoning, freeze dried is the better option flavor wise. If you ask any well renowned chef they will insist on the use of fresh ingredients, due to their trained palates being able to distinguish the difference, however that gap narrows upon using freeze dried ingredients for previous stated reasons.

Shape is a crucial element to the texture and overall enjoyment of any dish. If the ingredients are inedible to the tongue through dysfunctional mastication then the food will be less than satisfactory.

Herb Highlight

It saddens me to see the dwindling selection of the LITEHOUSE brand of freeze dried herbs on the shelves of my local stores.

The herbs that they carry in vast amount are herbs that I seldom use such as Chives, Guacamole, or Parsley, which they never seem to sell. As you may have heard before, my easy favorites by this brand are freeze dried Cilantro and Oregano, the most often use seasonings in my repertoire of recipes.

Only one pure herb is missing that I wish that they carried, which is Rosemary, but that is included in their Poultry Herb Blend.

Though there is a wish to have more options, I will be remiss to no longer find any of such herbs on the brand vacant in my stores.

Fear not! They are available on Amazon!

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                           Poultry (Single)  (Bulk)

Amazon has a wide selection of available freeze dried herbs for the only brand that I have known. tried, and recommended. It is unfortunate that few people know about this product, because it certainly is a wonderful item in my book.

This herb fills my pantry and is often utilized for not only my side dishes, but also my entress, crockpot meals, and soups. Due to the ease of re-hydrating the product I do not have to keep it in the pan as long, merely adding it at the end is sufficient enough to rebound the flavor profile as if it was just picked.


Have you tried this recipe?

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