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Autoimmune Protocol Aldi Shopping List

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There is a special place in my AIP heart for Aldi.

There are very few items that I cannot find there but I would not be surprised if I were to find them there in the future because their selection is so expansive and progressive.

I do not think I would have really survived AIP if it was not for Aldi, with the wide selection and budget friendly prices I have quickly become a frequent face among the cashiers and quite the regular customer.

Wild Caught Seafood

From Salmon to Scallops there is a wonderfully pure selection of wild caught seafood that contains absolutely no additives or preservatives.

There is however one exception.

The jury is still out on their Wild Caught Tuna Steaks, which taste wonderful but contain liquid smoke, for that one you will have to individually see whether or not that ingredient affects you.

In my current state of Hidradenitis Suppurativa, I have learned that fatty fish such as Tuna and Halibut can contribute negatively to my symptoms. For that reason, both types of fish are excluded from my diet.

You will find that I do have recipes featuring things that I cannot currently have. As I have stated in my Blog Disclaimer, my health journey continues to be trial and error, meaning what I am doing today for my illness can easily change tomorrow based on whatever new information I discover.

Remember that you will have to individually see what affects you or not for your individualized autoimmune disorder because the stage of your disease can mean you can have more or less than another who shares the same disease as you.

Aldi consistently has wild caught salmon, flounder, and tuna steaks on their shelves. Other fish and crustacean tend to be offered seasonally.

Grass Fed Beef

If you cannot afford the membership to your local bulk shopping center, look no further.

Aldi has a reasonable price on their ground Grass Fed Beef without the need for a grocery membership.

It is becoming more frequent for them to offer the “Family Value Pack” which nearly quadruples the amount of beef by the ounce of their individual pack.

On occasion Aldi also offers different cuts of grass fed meat such as stew meat, pot roast, or chuck roast. Grass Fed Beef Patties are also frequently offered at Aldi during the warmer months of the year.

Herbs, Salts, and Organic Seasonings

In the openly refrigerated produce isle of Aldi there are fresh bundles of Cilantro, Basil, Rosemary in stock. These herbs are not organic but are very affordable for just about any budget.

Aldi also offers Pink Himalayan Salt and Sea Salt grinders throughout the year. Both of which provide more minerals than table salt, which leads both types to be strongly recommended for Autoimmune Protocol.

Alongside the salt you will find the dried seasonings, where there are organic herbs and spices that I frequently keep on hand. The most commonly used in my pantry being the Organic Garlic Powder, Cinnamon, Oregano and Italian Seasoning.

Aldi continuously expands their organic and natural product line when it comes to their dried seasoning offerings, make sure to look them over to see what is new!

Organic Produce and Roots

When it is the season to be sick, Aldi usually offers Organic Ginger Root that is perfect to make a tea from.

As for the organic produce, my favorite items are the organic oranges and apples. The type of orange typically offered in organic at my local store are Naval Oranges.

Quite often the Organic brands may vary, but usually the type of apples tend to be either Gala, Fuji, or Pink Lady.

In Addition to the fruit selection there are often other vegetables that are fresh and even more reasonably priced which are available seasonally.

Organic Frozen Fruit

For an avid smoothie maker such as myself, having a vast selection of frozen fruits from Aldi is a given.

In a trend that I hope continues, Aldi is expanding the selection more and more from just only offering strawberries to now offing mixed berry as well as organic blueberries.

Currently, as my diet is now excluding Brewer’s Yeast, I no longer have these fruits in my daily intake. However I will keep these fruits in order for those that are purely autoimmune protocol to benefit.

Though now I cannot have the vast majority of organic food offerings as they include berries, it can still be said in my experience that organic fruits are often the best quality in regards to flavor.

When I was consuming berries I had tasted ones that were a bit off because they were more than likely packaged outside of their designated growing season, but I can tell you I have had fresh organic strawberries offered by Aldi that tasted as sweet as candy.

Being budget friendly is often one of the largest challenges one can encounter for Autoimmune Protocol.

For those of you that share my disorder of Hidradenitis Suppurativa, these berries are unfortunately off limits, as they contain Brewer’s Yeast.

Fear not though!

Other frozen fruit offerings are tropical such as Mango, and it would not surprise me to see the expansion of organic and exotic fruit options to be available in the near future.

Concluding Thoughts 

Aldi functions on cost effective measures in order to keep prices low for the consumer. This can also mean that certain items are only offered based on the local consumer base, which is something that you can work in your favor.

Everyone at my local Aldi knows my face because I am there so often, they are open and give me a heads up if my favorite items on this list will be coming or going soon. Since I am one of the few people that purchases these items on a grander scale than the average customer, the staff and other customers definitely notice, which influences them to be interested in the product. As a result my local store now has been better about carrying those items in stock and in greater volume.

Thankfully many are becoming more health conscious and as a result groceries are catering to that demographic. The more people purchase such items the more likely they will carry it in stock, so be sure to consistently buy the necessary items at whatever store you shop at because if sales decline for autoimmune protocol items like these then the store will not keep them on the shelves.

Be sure to keep shopping!



Have you shopped Autoimmune Protocol at Aldi yet?

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